What Our Clients Are Saying...

"Our experience with Keith has been excellent on all accounts. After debating whether or not we actually needed to enlist a real estate agent, we have been very pleased we decided to hire Keith."

- J & P Robinson, Naperville IL.

"The difference between Keith and the other agents we interviewed was obvious from our initial meeting with him. His first question was: "What are your goals in moving to a different house"? This was a very different perspective than we had received from other agents. Keith's expertise as a Real Estate Appraiser and his ability to look at a property and envision its potential using his experience in home renovation make for a unique combination of skills. He freely shared his ideas and rationale with us, and we were also impressed at how he paid attention to issues on the local and national scene. In addition, Keith had been extremely prompt, professional, and a pleasure to work with."

- Anul & Audrey Sanyal, Naperville IL.

"Unquestionably, we owe our success in completing a contract on a beautiful home that we saw after being on the market for only 5 days to Keith's efforts. We were grateful to have him on our side. Without him, we seriously doubt whether we would have been successful in obtaining a contract for our home (at asking price) after beings on the market for less than a week and purchasing another home among a great deal of competition."

- Mr. & Mrs. Sanders, Naperville IL.

"Keith's suggestions led us to ask for (and receive) a sale price for our home that was over $10,000 higher than other agents had suggested. Also his experience in new home construction has been invaluable in helping us consider new homes and what options would make the most sense for us when we purchased."

- Mark & Linda Beeker, Naperville IL.

"Keith has been extremely patient with us and given us the sense that he was very dedicated to helping us achieve our goal. This was not an easy task, given our many questions, requests, and schedule. We never felt rushed or like we were imposing on his time. Given all of these factors, we have found Keith and his office to exceed our greatest expectations. While we can't promise that other buyers'/sellers' experience will be quite the same, we can at least testify to the peace of mind that we've had by hiring Keith as our real estate agent."

- A. Kerns, Aurora IL.