Thinking Of buying?

Let Keith help

The idea of purchasing a home, whether it be your first or last, is bound to bring many questions to mind. This is a natural reaction, as it is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make.

Keith Wagner is committed to offering clients a superior experience when buying their next home. I believe my role in a real estate purchase is to teach and guide my clients through the home buying process as teachers and real estate consultants. I also believe we are here to provide life long advice and valuable resources regarding your real estate goals and dreams. Keith is 100% focused on consulting, negotiating, and overseeing the transactional details for his clients, keeping YOUR best interest foremost in mind. He is committed to making the home buying experience the best it can possibly be.

I know your home buying experience will be enhanced when you have a comprehensive idea of what will be taking place during the home buying process.

Because of this, Keith offers Buyer Initial Consultations to help his home buying clients get clear their real estate goals and help guide you through the buying process to find the PERFECT home for you and your family. 

The consultation takes about an hour to complete and will cover the following topics: 

-- Getting Clear on Your Real Estate Goals
-- Creating a Game Plan to obtain Your Real Estate Goals
-- Overview of the Financing Process
-- How we will work together to Find Your Next Home
-- Important Steps of Formulating an Offer and Your Estimated Costs
-- What does an Escrow and Title Company Do
-- What is Earnest Money Deposit
-- What is an Appraisal & What do You Need to Know about Them
-- Important Things to Know about Your Due Diligence Period
-- Final Steps Needed To Obtain Your Keys

In order to benefit from this complementary service, you can schedule your Buyer Initial Consultation by contacting Keith at 630.336.3007. 

Remember, buying a home is probably one of the largest financial transactions you will ever undertake and it is never too soon to get your game plan together in order to have a happy, memorable experience so feel free to reach out with any home buying questions at 630.336.3007. I'm here to help!